Choice, responsibility, freedom: their contribution to the etiology of addiction and treatment process

Maria Smyrnaki* & Ioanna Mitadi

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The following review is a synthesis of views, thoughts, concerns and links about the concepts of choice, responsibility and freedom. These are interdependent and complementary concepts that are closely related to how society is organized and how the individual functions within it, while they are significantly involved in both the etiology of substance addiction and treatment process. And as these concepts are central concepts for humanistic and existential psychology, we could say that it is a “humanistic and existentialist approach” of the psychosocial problem of substance addiction and the process of treatment. This approach can be particularly beneficial, helpful, through a better understanding of how substance addiction is established, in strengthening the treatment process of addiction and its consequent consequences for the individual and society.

Key-Words: choice, responsibility, freedom, addiction, treatment.

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