Issues of ethics and ethics

KETHEA respects and supports the independence and freedom of choice of the editorial team of DEPENDENCE magazine.

DEPENDENCE Magazine co-signs and is bound by the Farmington Agreement established in 1997 and is adopted by all periodical members of the International Committee of Publishers of Addictions Magazines ISAJE

International Committee of Publishers for Addiction Magazines ( ISAJE)

The principles and rules of ethics and ethics of the International Publishers of ISAJE Addiction Magazines were based on the Farmington Agreement. The most important result of the committee discussions can be read here (LINK). The aim is to be able to support the authors, publishers and all those involved in the process of publishing a journal in the field of addiction in terms of solving dilemmas and ethical and ethical procedures, in order to protect the integrity and scientificity of publications in the field of addiction. We invite the readers, the evaluators as well as the whole editorial team of the magazine KERSTARISIS to study these instructions, to comment on them constructively, to improve them and to implement them effectively.