Welcome to the site of the first Greek scientific journal on addiction issues. “EXARTISEIS” is a bi-annual journal. It is published by the Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals (KETHEA) in cooperation with the journal “Addiction”  which is one of the most reliable international scientific publications in the field of addictions.

“EXARTISEIS” publishes original Greek papers based on primary research; translations of recent papers  and abstracts from the “Addiction” as well as news and events pertaining to drug addiction field.  The criteria for the selection of the articles are two-fold: a deeper insight of the different aspects of this phenomenon and the promotion of views not yet well known, or discussed, in Greece.  Following the national and international developments of the fireld “EXARTISEIS” aspires to create a forum that will stimulate dialogue between the community of academics, professionals and policy makers in the field of drug addiction.

EXARTISEIS is a member journal of the International Ιnternational Society of Addiction Journals Editors – (ISAJE) and adopts fully the Farmington Consensus.