Analysis of Parental referrals to the Prevention Center for designing Selective Prevention Interventions

Spyropoulou Eleftheria, social and clinical psychologist, Scientific Adiministratior of Center for Addiction Prevention and Health Promotion in Western Thessaloniki “Diktio Alpha” ABSTRACT Individual counseling for parents is an important action for Addiction Prevention Centers, supporting parents in problems with themselves and their children and giving them directions to effectively exercise their parental role and prevent […]

The Transitional School of the Therapeutic Community KETHEA EXODOS as a heterotopian space of education for ex-dependents

Anastasia Lambrou (1) & Charalampos Poulopoulos (2)   (1) MSc, Social Worker (2) Professor of Social Work, Department of Social Work, Democritus University of Thrace, e–mail: DOI:   Abstract The present study investigates the transitional school in the light of Foucault’s heterotopias. Its specific objectives are the exploration of the experiences (experiences, perceptions, feelings, […]

Life experiences of incarcerated drug addicts in the TC KETHEA PROMITHEAS and the daycare TC KETHEA EN DRASEI

Natalia Zachartzi 1 & Remos Armaos 2 1 Social Worker, MSc, Scientific Director, Centers for the Prevention of Addictions & the Promotion of Psychosocial Health SEIRIOS, ISSUP Greece, Contact detail email: 2 MSc, PhD, Head of Staff Training Department KETHEA, Educational Researcher, Evaluator DOI:   ABSTRACT Aim: This research aims to capture, as seamlessly as […]

Art and prevention of addictive behaviors in school: perceptions of teachers of Primary Education of the Prefecture of Achaia

Eleftheria Pappa1 & Avgoustinos Ladas2 Social Worker, Med Adult Education, PHD(c) University of Patras Statisticien, PHD(c) University of Patras DOI:   Abstract Aim of this research was to investigate the perceptions of teachers of Primary Education of the Prefecture of Achaia regarding the implementation of programs to prevent the occurrence of addictive behaviors in Primary […]

“Creaming” at social and health care services on practitioners’ perceptions: challenges for addiction treatment programs

Elena Zagorianakou, MSc & Gerasimos D. Papanastasatos, Ph.D DOI: Abstract The current study explores the practitioners’ perceptions working in social and health care services about client selective practices – called “creaming” – in terms of adequacy and unbiased care provision. The scope of the research focuses on whether employees identify practices of creaming, signs of […]