Parental Attitudes and Perceptions in relation to cannabis use in adolescence

Kyriaki Archonti-Giannidou & Charalampos Poulopoulos[1]

[1] Associate Professor, Democritus University of Thrace,


The present study aims to investigate the attitudes and perceptions of parents using cannabis in adolescence and their knowledge of prevention and treatment services. The research was based on quantitative methodology, using an anonymous questionnaire as a research tool, which was administered to 197 people, parents of adolescents, residents of Thessaloniki, of whom 134 were women (68.02%) and 63 men (31,98%). From the data analysis it was found that, primarily factors such as educational level, the gender and the personal experience of using cannabis of respondents, heavily influencing the views of those in relation to the risks arising from the use by adolescents and their reactions in case of an engagement of their teenage child with use. Also, the parents’ responses revealed their concerns about the phenomenon, but also the lack of information for agencies and services involved in the prevention of substance use.

Key – words: Attitudes, perceptions, parents, cannabis, adolescence, prevention

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