Implementing Poetry, Music and Technology in activating critical reflection among learners currently in drug treatment: a case study in the Adult Education School of KETHEA EXODOS

Efstathia Georgopoulou1 & Remos Armaos2

  1. Μ.Ed., Language teacher- Adult trainer, email:, TelQ: +306944957543, +302321111584
  2. Educational Researcher, Head of Staff Training Department, KETHEA


This paper concerns a case study that attempts to highlight the important role of art and ICT in unearthing critical thinking in the field of social vulnerable groups (ex-addicts). More specifically, underlines the ways that music and ICT (computers & Internet) can give access in order these people to understand poetry. Thus, not only they will promote their mental abilities, but also develop their initiatives and critical thinking. This way they will definitely regain control of their own lives and will be able to participate in the society under normal conditions. Research (via researcher’s participant observation, questionnaires, a focus group and the educator’s two interviews) showed really positive results concerning this specific educational practice. The need for applying that art-supported methodology into a large sample of adult schools seems of great importance, to ascertain its impact on certain learners’ populations.

Key-words: arts, poetry, music, ICT, critical thinking, vulnerable groups, education

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