Childhood abuse of drug using women in drug free treatment and its consequences

Morou Vasiliki1, Poulopoulos Charalampos

(1) MSc, Psychologist, KETHEA. Contact details:

(2) Professor of Social Work, Democritus University Of Thrace, email:


The present paper tries to understand the interaction between the abuse of women, who currently attend a drug–free rehabilitation programme, during childhood with psychological and behavioural consequences later in life. The study also focuses on the relationship between abuse in childhood, addiction and delinquency.

The burden of such an experience, that the child carries within for many years, often remains undisclosed. Feeling helpless and weak follows children in adolescence or even adulthood, creating a deep trauma and fear for human relations. In depth interviews took place in the context of this study with women drug users who were abused as children. The qualitative study allows for their stories to be heard and offers important data for the prevention and treatment of the phenomenon.


Key-words: abuse, consequences, drug dependence, delinquency, incarceration, therapy, women

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