Editorial note #33

Ιn this issue we focus on two important fields. The first one, is about the study and the investigation of family factors that may affect prevention, treatment and addiction, as well as the role that sports can play in these three fields.

The first field is investigated with regard to the impact addiction may have on a family and the importance of the cultural background which can influence the meaning of parenthood. At the same time, it investigates the resistance and the process of reformation that lead to the motivation to deal with the problem. In the current issue we also analyze the issue of domestic violence (psychological, physical, sexual) as a compounding factor for the psychosocial development and adaptation of the individual and as a causal factor that can lead to addiction, which –in any case- is another form of self-directed violence.  The study also emphasizes the importance of the cultural framework and the competent agencies that may develop prevention and treatment programs.

The second paper focuses on the contribution of sports in the process of drug addiction treatment, and emphasizes the role of Adventure Therapy (AT), which is used for a wide range of mental health disorders either as a primary or as a complementary therapeutic tool. Meanwhile another study that is included shows the importance of social integration of the members of a treatment program, through inclusive education with references to their achievements in the process of the program.



Anna Tsiboukli

Co Editor

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