Editorial #34

Lately, due to the crisis caused by COVID-19 we have been dealing with great and sudden changes both personally and professionally. we’ve changed training methods and the way we interact on a daily basis; we have adopted practices we never would have imagined a year ago.

EXARTISIS journal in its effort to remain close to its readers has organized a series of webinars which will host new researchers and authors, who will present the outcomes of their research which was published in EXARTISIS. The topics will include: treatment in prison setting, drug use prevention in schools, motherhood and addiction, perents’ perceptions regarding addiction, issues of abuse, efforts to prevent the deaths caused by drug use, parenting and drug abuse treatment, training and education, reintegration etc. This effort aims at facilitating young researchers, trainers, therapists and prevention specialists who try with very scarce means, limited funding and a lot of personal effort to conduct research, and look into the causes of drug use and the potential treatment.

Some of them are included in the current issue, which comprises very interesting papers focusing on the perceptions of teachers with regard to the aggressive behaviours of school students, the relationship between drug use, school failure and school dropout, the necessity to reinforce treatment professionals and the effect of early dysfunctional patterns in internet addiction. A paper on the long-term effect of youth unemployment on alcohol morbidity is also included in translation.

in the hope that you will also find them interesting and that we will soon meet online, we will continue our effort to reach out to as many of you as possible, and try to find answers to all these questions we have in common.

Until we meet again!

Anna Tsiboukli
Co Editor

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