Editorial #12

The philosophy and practice of the Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals place training and education as a central axis in its therapeutic approach and operation. When drug addicts enter treatment for the first time, training and education along is seen as an equal to treatment priority. The emphasis of both treatment and education is to […]

Editorial #14

In this fourteenth issue of Exartiseis we will once again revisit KETHEA’s interventions in the therapeutic system.   This opportunity is offered by the pioneering and extraordinary, for the reality of the Greek prisons, initiative undertaken by KETHEA’s program “En Drasei” a Therapeutic Community that has been created and has just started operating, at the […]

Editorial #15

KETHEA’s (Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals) liaising with the local government at all levels has nearly become the main, if not sole, factor of development for delivering treatment interventions. Since 2002, when the first, and only, so far National Action Plan for Drug Addiction, was drawn and set in effect, the state has adopted a […]

Editorial #22

Professor Panayiotis Sakellaropoulos, is one of the most important figures in the field of social psychiatry and child psychiatry, also a former member of the Board of Directors of KETHEA. As a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, member of the International Psychoanalytic Association, founding member of the Hellenic Psychoanalytical Society, the Hellenic Society of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, the Mental […]

Editorial #23

In times of prolonged socio economic crisis one of the fields that suffers most is that of drug addiction research and treatment. In a country where unemployment rises up the need for research in the changing patterns of drug use and the increase of alcohol consumption should be a priority. Even though, alcohol industry for […]

Editorial #24

At crisis times when the discussion about the appropriate treatment model for addiction is thriving we decided to present this interview of Juan Parés y Plans (Corelli). Juan Parés y Plans was the vice-president of the most successful addiction treatment program in Italy, CeIS (Centro Italiano di Solidarietà), Rome, for a number of years. Juan […]

Editorial #25

In April 2016, a very important meeting will take place in New York dealing with the issue of decriminalization of substance use. The divergence of policies among the different countries is enormous; note that in some of them drug use still carries the capital punishment. What remains to be seen is whether this meeting will […]

Editorial #38

Recently, a number of studies and research results published in scientific journals, helped us realize the level and extent of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people’s lives, and especially on the lives of vulnerable populations, such as drug addicts. This vulnerability, as a dynamic concept, depended, among other things, on the health policies […]

Editorial #21

There are people we believe they will always be with us. That they will be there to talk, to laugh, to argue, to make amends. But there comes an unexpected, striking moment, when you realize that life will not grant you that favour. Our friend, our colleague, the person dear and close to us will […]

Editorial #37

IT HAS ALMOST BEEN 2 YEARS since the beginning of the pandemic, and the research data on the effects of COVID-19 on the behaviour of individuals and the consumption of various psychoactive substances are constantly increasing. The growing use of social media has not only promoted negative drug-related behaviours but has also offered media users […]