Adverse childhood experiences, drop-out from education, drug use and homelesness. A qualitative research of understanding pathways through homelessness based on biographical narrative approach

Fani Basiouri1, & Anna Tsiboukli2

[1]MSc, Penal Law and Addictions

[2] Assistant Professor Lifelong learning, School of Education, University of Athens



The present study focuses on adverse childhood experiences and their interplay with drug use, early school drop-out and homelessness. Eleven participants, men and women, all members of the Buprenorphine Substitution Programmes of OKANA in Nothern Greece took part in the study. Narratives were employed as a method to further research adverse childhood experiences and current drug use and homelessness. The analysis of the narratives revealed that adverse childhood experiences are significant and precede school drop-out, drug use and homelessness. In certain cases, drug use is employed as a form of self-treatment and relief from adverse childhood experiences.


Key words: Adverse Childhood Experiences, Homelessness, Drug Use, School Dropout, Narrative Approach.

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