A Comprehensive Guide to Addiction Theory and Counseling Techniques, Alan A. Cavaiola & Margaret Smith

A blend of theory and counseling techniques, this comprehensive text provides readers with an overview of several major counseling theories and their application to substance use disorders and addiction counseling, along with related techniques and interventions.

Chapters incorporate cutting edge evidenced-based research on neuroscience, psychological and sociocultural theories explaining the biopsychosocial influences of substance use disorders, and examine how substance use disorder risk factors can be utilized when assessing someone who may have a substance use disorder. The text additionally helps apply theory to practice, offering intervention techniques and using accessible case studies. Throughout the text, highlighted learning opportunities and key terms further help students to practice and apply the theories, interventions and techniques that the book discusses.

Mental health professionals, undergraduate and graduate students alike will benefit from this deft mix of prominent theory, innovative research and accessible case studies.

Routledge, 2020, 240 pp, ISBN: 9780367245665 (hardcover); ISBN: 9780367252724 (paperback)

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